Help Foundation is a newly established, Non-Profit organization our goal is to provide assistance, food, supplies, and training to the less fortunate. To help us better serve the urban communities we have develop partnership with other Non-Profit such as, Rosie's Place a feminine organization which serve as an oasis of hope and nourishment for the poor and homeless women in Boston. Rosie’s Place have evolved from providing meals and shelter to creating permanent solutions through advocacy, education and affordable housing. MGH through our community fundraising program which will strength healthcare services for the most in need and the COPD Foundation.      

The approach Help Foundation will achieve in foreign countries such as Haiti and Colombia will help school aged children receive school supplies, free lunch, and skill development to help rural communities strengthen so they may become self sufficient. we will also assist with health education, precaution, disease prevention such as Asthma and COPD awareness, and other issues such as water treatment, and hygiene in addition to Malaria, Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS precaution.


Impacting someone's life

  each step of the way!